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remote parts of Europe have been benefited by Dr Frank's tra?

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of this kind a favourable result could be achieved, the result

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masochism has, of course, its own variant and the hun-

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John Wyeth & Brother, Inc., Philadelphia, Pennsyl-

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well attended, and the work done was much better than

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part one grain of calomel combined with the compound ex-

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In addition to the sensory symptoms already mentioned there is often

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explain, what relates to the production and consequences of idio-

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however, are audible, and the dyspnea is out of proportion to the area of lung

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pupils are normal and react to light ; the knee-jerks are present ; there

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Thorn. — If you could show me an instance in which a man had too

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prostitution, if, with all our best efforts, we are

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I could not recognise any good effect from the injection.

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curtains are blended together, and a kind of septum,

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will thus be seen that of the sixteen cases occurring in

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it impossible for her to lay herself up, and avoid much standing and mov**

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pelvis in which it is very difficult to reach the os. This method is

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Microscopically, there are numerous epithelial cells, leukocytes,

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corpuscles is impeded, the whole vascular tension becomes

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side ceases, due to stoppage in the ureter, we may have oliguria or even anuria.

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uiticaria pigmentosa might possibly be of congenital origin, like

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were reported infrequently (less than 1%) with the order of presenta-

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