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in diabetes mellitus, resulting in diabetic acidosis and coma.

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toxemia should not be allowed to progress to the point at which extensive

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eafily fed, barley mix d with fine chopped fir. iw be-

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reason to expect much relief from the pain in this disease. Diathermy

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with some duskiness of the sclerotic in the ciliary region. Keratitis usually

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fixes them in the iliac fossa around the diseased appendix. The size and

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There is no doubt that sufferers from gallstone colic derive great benefit

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tumour of the liver, in a boy under my observation, and disappeared as

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interossei do not exhibit in children the same tendency to become paralysed

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and if relatives are causing him worry by the insistence that he

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their blood, and necelfarily aflfedts their flrength and

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management of prolonged first stage labours, therefore, includes

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" young cattle which I fummer in the woods. The fmallenefs

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prevent the inflammation, and guard againfl: the in-

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sore and stiff backs found in men are of this type. Ten years care-

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tinguifhed by a fwelling on the coronet, and a great

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There may be effusions of serum in the cavities or a deposit of sero-

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other organic changes, the result of the prolonged anaemia, keep up the

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also come on. Occasionally pure blood is passed in the stool or is vomited.

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in histology, especially in Germany. Schneiden and Schwam in 1838

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"But couldn't something goo.l iKijipcii. mother^ Couldn't

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the general opi-nion, which by the bye I doubt, that ..

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able, so far as possible, to staiulardi/.e llierapeuties, ami tliis iiiav

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Among other causes of accidental, suicidal, or homicidal mercurial

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appearance, is not unfrequently seen. In a small proportion of cases a

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exposure to the summer sun. Diffused daylight has also a powerful though

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between the various peritoneal surfaces, which in turn are frequently

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proglottides (4 to 5 mm.), which in a full-grown specimen number from

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and extremities black ; for all horfes of a dull or

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the site of the proposed drainage is well infiltrated down to the

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windows ; for there will be a conftant current of air

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denburgh, and the Datchy of Magdeburgh, in 1730, 379.

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Flatulence coming on immediately after a meal, with a relaxed

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peared will appear again, as there will hereafter be

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of the stomach. Shortly after its absorption the individual becomes some-

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Dr. Warner, in conjunction with Professor Olmsted (Physiology), called

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ergot of rye received its name. Its true nature was long unknown, but

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a monopoly might give rise to. " Besides, the professsion requires

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the perpetual promulgation of views and theories based on

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in men. The horfe will be lame in his joints, as if

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