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ney, can anyone, looking at this organ, of which the accom-

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record of a much larger number of maimed and injured. From

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Hompe, Lindberg, and other distinguished botanists on the

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daily, 2 ; Obstetric, W., 2 ; Eye, W., 9 ; Skin, Tu., 2 ; Dental,

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memorandum has now been sent in to tiie Royal Commission

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by the Rev. E. G. Eaile, John jPhillip Topping, M.B., CM., of Forest

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stances observed during epidemic periods, and in fact during

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parish now assigned to him contains tew orj no pauper residents, his

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the Port of London during last autumn, when an invasion of

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have placed under the microscope, is little less than an

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connected with the preparation of the vaccines and the actual

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cannot converse with the living, and he himself was, by the-

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grants are often made with great uncertainty as to the value

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gnats, which Ogata considered played an important part in the

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to eat green food. They lose flesh rapidly, suffer from enteritis

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that the mould on their feet actually contains seeds, for by

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jective cliaracter, capable of being induced by many kinds

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handling and kissing a book in indiscriminate use, such as

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number of animals — and notably in cats — which is, to say

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As the patient becomes more exhausted by the hsemorrhage,

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Power, mentioned six cases of hematoma of the sterno-

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purging, which ceased immediately on the dose being reduced

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from the I'nited Kingdom and its colonies and dependencies,

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The Tieatmentof Myxofidemaby Feeling with the Thyroid Gland of

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Charity, surpass tliose to which we have all been more

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T. C. Railton, M.D., M.R.C.P., President, in the Chair.

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to be sworn with the uplifted hand as the law now allows.

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things, to be taught correct methods of physical examination

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