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In some cases the arras are first paralyzed, while the legs are free.
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of the bi-chloride of mercury serviceable ; and in some cases the local
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I shall divide my cases into three categories : 1st. Cases in
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vitriolic solution was also given in the third case.
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where, some years since (Book on Joints, 1859), that
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ap[)licable in cases of coexisting tuberculosis of the cervical nodes
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probably no longer active, and the infusions had evaporated to about one- third
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is beset with stiff bristles. Its apparatus for digging
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first ^rmptom that attracted attention to the presence of
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sound is elicited. This is evidenced by a feeling of greater
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These so-called fibrin cylinders occur less frequently in the
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paralysed muscles velocity of excitability is much slower, and a current
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This, opening downward from the fauces, behind the glottis, is
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child having been actually strangled, and considering that all that the
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Cutting [cover with printed title] from : Ztschr. f. Un-
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the figures calculated from the constants agree well with the figures actually
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tion of the zygoma. Incisions extending beyond the osseous
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(''Rev. d. I. Tub." 1895, p. 25), who injected healthy and tuberculous indi-
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many of the symptoms, both bodily and mental, of general paralysis, but
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although he sjjcaks of it as a variety of frequent occurrence, a statement
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Shepherd, of Montreal, and J. Wm. Warren, of Boston. The book contains 1,248
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muscular system was stiff and hard. The beak could be opened only with
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attacks may occur for years with no apparent influence. The most
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599 ; practice, veratrum viride in, 615 ; therapeu-
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marked effect in the causation of a rise of blood-pressure. Extracts
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Transferring the virus from persons successively inoculated, the disease
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vitriolic solution was also given in the third case.
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time, the table abounds with facts, illustrating the value of certain remedies and general
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fession. Science, we are told, admits of vanccment of medicine and surgery
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are so prejudiced against it that it is impossible to use it here, so we will
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fevei- with fatal ending. Clm. J., Lond.. 1893-4. iii, r.3-.59.—
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With horses we commence by giving 10 grammes of liquor
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grains to an adult, in half a tumbler of water, followed by
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is arranged in crescentic patches while the smallpox eruption is not.
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separate and distinct from all others as any other a^
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in the University of Tubingen, has assumed direction of the
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phate is the best form for the administration of this agent, if well
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Mix. Clean parts and apply olive oil and wipe dry with

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