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probably lead to the discovery of the point of entrance. It must be

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and in phosphaturia. In conclusion : 1. The glycero-phosphates are powerful

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the mere voluntary or involuntary muscular contraction.

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sleep difficult, which the patient attributed to his forced inac-

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poison; the velocity of toxic action; the nature of toleration and immu-

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special value except in so far as relates to the work that

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The remaining chapters are upon the following subjects: Chapter

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probable that yet a third factor enters into it appear, combat it successfully in most in-

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centration by the volume of the prostate gland (deter-

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flagellar vacuole.' This vacuole, which has a dark centre, rapidly

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third, non-inflammatory nature, and fourth, raw ham or dark red color. In

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prove that Iodine, administered in homceopathic doses, will act

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Hepar~»ulphuri8 has frequently been found useful in urticaria

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and a menace to the physical ability of those afflicted. He demonstrated

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the frequency of the various signs at all properly, but

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Gregory estimates the average mortality all over the world as 1 in 6.

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tuting our third report, and also in the preceding first and second prog-

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an absolutely normal pancreas lying over a rheumatic

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of the femoral shaft. This traction is made continuous by

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strangulation, the wearer is perfectly sure to become a fluent

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thesia usually can be controlled with vasopressors.

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author does not deny the possibility of the existence of direct openino-s

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other milk-proteids, which is apparently additional

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emphasifts that it is unwise to treat these patients with expectorants,

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had been heavily stained by combined intravenous and intraperitoneal

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solutely, as in pneumonia; in diabetes and other morbid conditions in which

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Brit. M. J., Loud., 1895, i, 801.— Fli-xner (S.) Remarks

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rilitat), deren Mechauik u. Behandlg. Von Prof. Dr. Herm.

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muscle fibers of .in originally primarily hypertrophied heart,

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