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again put on the use of the tartar emetic and opium mixture, to have

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1889, 3. s., vi. 261-337.— Cook (F. A.) The most northern

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If on road, let him stop; do not attempt to return to stable;

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have food of the most fattening nature; cod-liver oil may be

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form of puerparal diaeaaes,, where there ia.retained pus. in cloaed. cavities^

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although there was a sinus along the course of the artery, terminating at the

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improper, because it might bring on convulsions, or debilitate the limb : but the

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judge that it consists, as Dr. Russell states on the

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convulsion, as it has been termed, and in certain cases accompanied by a true

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If we analyse the table a little more closely we find that in

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is presumably the same in the city and country, although the

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analogue? — will no doubt be the pouring into his circulation of

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outright and three-fourths of these remain invalids.

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horses for worms ; or from 10 to 20 gr. as an alterative, in skin

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manifests itself bv renewed redness an<l irritation at the site

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supposed by a certain school of physiologists to be the central

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under suspicion. At this time several persons suffered from an affliction that popu-

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The Board of Examiners cannot either register these women or inter-

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getting well under the anjesthetic, the patient suddenly

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I^ Watery Emulsion of Green 1 Spirits of Turpentine aa 100 grammes

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for his truthfulness) " there were not to exceed six cases

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that formerly tended to the demoraUzation of the in-

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winning the good-will of a child by feeding it sugar pills.

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that a new infection, brought from elsewhere, may cause a reappear-

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purpose, but the efforts to secure it were not successful.

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the Committees of the Colleges of Physicians and Siirgcc.iis

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to bite and kick. Some lacerate and mutilate their own bodies

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instance of this is ascites. In operating for stabs of the

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Cascara Sagrada (Solid) Extract of,— D., gr. 2-8 (gm. .12-.5).

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cial way, the suffering from cystitis impresses itself more strongly on

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2. Flesch: Beitr. z. klin. Chir. (Bruns'), 1912, p. 236.

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application of a trephine; for the extent of the disease will be when the dust of

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Small circumscribed foci of haemorrhage are comparatively rare. They

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between the 15th and 20th of ISTovember, the number of deaths

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(l) Begin with diseases of the brain as causes of dys-

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at the time of selection serve as a control for the later experiments

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the absence of the catamenia, but that she had then no further

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became necessary to tap her twice a week ; the amount

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