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not to have the strength of producing illness in the

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stances and the defect is quickly repaired, the adaptation is complete

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after describing sixteen circumvolutions, opens into

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tumors. The writer notes the rapid increase in size of fibroids in two women

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ensiform, increased by eating, by pressure, and by forced inspiration. About

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where 606 seemed to be without effect ; but here it

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Running the tip of the scalpel along the groove the

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clavicular pads, fairly marked, no pads of myxixdematous

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- — and are, even now, to be seen only on the narrow^

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at least, that they are entitled to our earnest, open-

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of the contributors have not been imbued with this spirit, for in some

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New Operation for Retro-displacement. — Godixho {Ibid.) describes the

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dertaken, not by the busy consultant, nor, again, by

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and sepsis, which I have referred to, that makes it

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Schall, Hermann, und Hcisler, August. — Die Praxis der

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exception of two instances in the living patient, in which the author tore the

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way of detecting stones in the bladder is by the use

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kologie, Band Hi. Heft 2) in a paper on this subject summarizes as follows :

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ness. Would they not better read : "It is gratifying to note that more

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ureter, however, was accomplished, and twenty-eight grammes of a

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are the hypertrophy of the heart from valvular disease and other causes,

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described bacilli, in greater or less numbers, will be found present.

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ly disproved. It is to be hoped that the sad lesson

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from a mixture which contains equal parts of serum and broth-culture

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cuted or shunned because of his disease, or subject-

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had a premature child which lived nine days and died suddenly in a

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ing the abortion performed upon her when she was about

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operation in mammary carcinoma. This takes place in all ordinary cases

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the sac. which was lightly plugged with sterilized gauze and the whole cov-

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practice. This lack of interest is referable primarily to the fact that

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are also well nourished. An excessive deposit of fat does not indicate

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cating as it does that the lesion is unilateral, al-

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Notification did not come into force until 1890, but the deaths from diph-

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