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crisis. Albumin is found in the urine in small amounts in about one-

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being, indeed, milk in an early stage of digestion. Not rarely lime

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disturbances, as loss of appetite, retching, nausea, vomiting, constipa-

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parts of the oil represent one hundred and thirty-eight parts of the acid.

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about eleven per cent, of fatal cases. In its typical form it attacks the

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supplied by the obstructed vessel, appearing as an irregular mass of an

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abdominal wall from intestinal fistulas, have been voided with the urine

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smaller bronchi. Capillary bronchitis usually lasts two or three weeks,

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Again, in the northern portion of this region, and especially in the

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the brain. It is somewhat discolored from the presence of blood-pigment.

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tion is often the result of degenerative changes in the myocardium, the

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on fishing- vessels upon the Grand Banks of Newfoundland has associ-

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the aspirator ; but the exploratory puncture may not reach the abscess,

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sufficiently characteristic of acute laryngitis, and the use of the laryngo-

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quent symptoms of so-called progressive muscular atrophy in the affected

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notics. The chloral (fifteen to twenty grains) and morphine (grain

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distinct. At times nodules of hemorrhagic infarction are to be found,

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days ; or with the development of natural sleep and a great increase

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enteritis may first appear probable with the development of signs of

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MORBID ANATOMY. For practical purposes all malignant tumors

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tonic contractions of the muscles of the side of the face (tic-douloureux).

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has been very alarming, or if the persistent severity of the local symp-

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everywhere separated from the kidney by the capsule, in which case the

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very often much more serious and important than the original disease.

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tumor, a stricture, or hardened faeces when the large intestine is ob-

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study of this abstruse and important subject. As an authority, in

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Loss of sensibility is spoken of as ancesthesia ; excessive sensibility, as

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PROGNOSIS. The prognosis of developed rabies is fatal. The per-

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by good authority to be especially harmful in those cases in which there

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rapidly improves, while the frequent limitation of the pain to the course

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nasal mucous membrane it produces a coryza, with burning pain, head-

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prescription writing. They are not to be slavishly followed, but to be altered, modified,

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thological Society of London, Mr. Curling showed a specimen of an

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eral nutrition may be well maintained, or there may be loss of flesh and

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forms of bacteria in this disease : so that the etiological importance of

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the description of which is to be found in the article on malaria, page 203.

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(1 to 10,000). After staining for from three to five minutes, wash in

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or five days, as happened in the cas(ยป before us ; sometimes after a

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