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system now contemplated, it is evident there is a great and danger-
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Para-rectal, pre-rectal, lateral perineal, median perineal,
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In view of all the contingencies of the case, and influenced by
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smaller compass, and the object of it being, to bring the subjects
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connaissance de cause, dans un but thérapeutique ou pour des expériences
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Dr. Stokes, that he has seen persons, who labored under this affec-
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Description: Paper (fine, unsized), 8fx7, ff. 162, written in rather faded ink, in
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The distinction is good, though writers of authority differ on the
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and Practice of Medicine in Transylvania University, Phila-
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Convulsions of from twenty to thirty minutes' duration frequently oc-
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Begins (same page, after one line space) : Here bigynnen the ten comaundementis
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The grievances of this portion of our brethren are, therefore, matter
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the nervous system, upon which the circulation is as dependent*
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hypochondriacal ideas, a morbid dread of softening of the
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''Having made these few general observations on the steps to be
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in the Gazette Medicale of Strasbourg, a pamplet on polypi of the rec-
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Dr. M. R. James remarks : Walle was of Lichfield and owned several other MSS. (at College
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spotted (argent, gules and vert) for supporters, for crest : a hippogriff (tenny), and for motto :
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one original. And that the view now taken of the correspondences
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Remarks : This MS. gives the history of the Mahrattas down to the battle of Panipat.
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desires to keep pace with its improvements, should hesitate to avail himself of
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Diarrhoea very generally depends on congestion of the mucus
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passed successfully through three similar attacks, she was
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index.cfm?module=toolsClimcalGuidelines (Accessed Aug. 26, 2009).
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of cases on which M. Lefebvre operated is not, however, mentioned,
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untur dicta sapientis | II [blue] Deo gracias. Amen.
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vaccine. Experiments with the agglutination reaction were
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Gr&kn on the Modus Operandi of Medici tits, 1&3
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being incorporated with the old and refuse matter, carried into the
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On 1, 5 r°. the initial I of the first verse of Genesis has the Creation represented in seven

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