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nflammation or of the action of an irritant in the stomach. I he small in t*

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respectfully announce to their friends as well as the for-

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fecting the other kidney, that it must be considered

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merit did not impress me until I read Dr. Mund^'s ar-

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which could not be accounted for by a simple internal

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the eustachian tube ; and I know of no vessel that would be sufficient

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the injection, and the subsequent subnormal tempera-

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at any former period. We were informed recently by a respectable med-

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not merely unnecessary, but, in most cases, perfectly unjustifiable.

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deposits in the calyces, without any other alterations

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efforts, reserving the afternoon for "low-pressure" tasks or

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the eyes, and to throwing back of the head. This ^v^Titer speaks of Hitzig's

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The child spending a happy hour with its new puzzle

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ence on this property. This is manifested in fevers having strong

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outcry, but the other bewailed his fate in loud groans, and as

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the circulation. It aids in contracting the uterus. By its power

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receive nourishment. The injection of chloral into the veins is said

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277-286. Aiso, Reprint.— Winuett (F.) Excision of the

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zzzquil ingredients label

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the whole, the visiting staff is deserving of credit for the careful and con-

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Case VI. A gentleman aged 23, of small frame, with black hair and

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sary, the abundance of the HCl present indicating with

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sternum. The patient soon died ; and a large aneurism of the

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iana, in 1866, in an old woman whose father came from the

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niil lesions of typhoid fever. Med. Rec, !N.T,, 1883, xxiv,

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ment was given up within a week, as the patient was severely ptyalized.

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and personal interviews with the men I have seen in the different counties I

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tematized clinical course ; he had found it perfectly possible to

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regular meeting at the council chamber, Tuesday, September 4th, at one

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