Nizagara Dosage

^contraction of the heart takes place. Further, the amount of

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S. F. Adair. (Dublin : Brown and Nolan, Nassau Street.)

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patible with such a conclusion. Upon this point the Society

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believe, since surgeons have condescended to take notice of

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only members of the company were entitled to demand or to

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Vice-Presidents : George Thin, M.D. ; T. Col^ott Fox, M.B. ;

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F. F. M. writes: It is well known tliat if it is wished to prescribe digi-

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In the British Medical Jopenai, for January 7 th Dr. Man-

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at distances of 12 and 1-t inches from the teetli respectively.

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and study in the anatomical rooms of one of the schools.

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advanced stage of the disease. The myxcedematous swelling

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iNo one, however, can suppose that the requisite certificate will be worth

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hitherto unknown should render us rather chary about ac-

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Meanwliile all the bedding, ship's linen, cushions, mat-

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chance of error, but it is otherwise with the rarer forms of

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still retains pigment-forming properties and needs only a

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M.R.C.S.Eng. and L.S.A. in 183i, and subsequently studied

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The mixed Court of Appeal has given judgment in the libel

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the left muscle. Out of 100 necropsies on macerated

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M. Tu. F., l.:« ; Eye, M. Tu. Th. F., 1.30 ; Ear, Tu.,,1 ; Skin, Tu.,

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Through this he introduced an india-rubber tube 1 metre in

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Dr. W. Philson, Eastbourne ; Practitioner. (Qi Q in the Corner. (K)

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suffering from scarlet fever and other infectious diseases, and

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60 as to sho.v the actual sliupe and size in each case.

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The greater part of this translation, as the prefatory note

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chloroform was given to the feeder till its respiration stropped

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Twice his sputum had been examined for bacilli with nega-

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which he has special knowledge. The lectures and demon-

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Medical School for Women.— a Women's Medical School, with a

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not resulted in any great spread, only two cases coming to light last week-

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sary in dealing with cholera is no small reproach to this

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dupe and enthusiastic patron. Colonel de Rochas is a gentle-

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A DEPtJTATioN" of representatives of the British Institute of

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only the impossibility of drainage but the futility of any

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over 4 per cent., and has, I believe, been entirely due to the

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Ala. DosriE read a paper on disease of the ear and temporal

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and neighbourhood. We now learn that the lioyal Commis-

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this manner on cutting through the pectoral muscles ov&t the-

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of the Nurses Co-orperation on February 2ud, the annual re-

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li lb. fresh meat, and Mb. fresh vegetables, are to be issued

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well; but shortly after admission some headache came on,

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