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sojourn of blood, pus, and mucosities, in the recesses of irregular
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the two being vicarious in their functions to so great an extent ?
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The reason why the circulation continues in the arteries for
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administration. Anaesthesia was complete, and the patient was
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visit. Night sweats as before. Substitute for iron drops pills of oxide of
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tissue which forms its walls. These peculiarities consist
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ing, if by pushing up is meant the mere raising of the shoulders
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minds of those who are merely witnesses of the spectacle presented
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measure, for according to him, in cases where one can feel
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The Society again assembled. The President, Dr. Dickinson in the
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the M'Intyre splint than from the equable support afforded to it
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porter, he injudiciously used the finger before the bones were perfectly
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vessel closed with a bladder, was immersed in the fermenting
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There are many almost equally weighty reasons that might be urged in fa-
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announcing approach of some brilliant discovery which no doubt
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Mr. Stearns' Circular. — Mr. Frederick Stearns was appointed
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fore only made extracts. There are portions of it which we would
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ment. The employer has to exercise judgment, too, in the selection of the
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greatly reduced in size. She experienced great relief, and promised to un-
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As to the mechanical contrivances which have latefy been
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fihers and hyperplasia of the mucous membrane. (Life size.)
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in certain ulcers of the leg, will, I feel confident, be found not the
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w ill do. If, however, the question is answered in the affirmative, then
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anesthetia is certainly unnecessary ; but pain, when inordinate,
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be done. I refrained myself from expressing any disapprobation of such, 'sci-
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iss, L. G. Ray, W. A. Atchinson, E. G* Davis, L. E. Almon, Jon. T.
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versities at Cambridge and Oxford, but their existence is hardly known. Rich
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structure of the bone a small point of suppuration was found.
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devoted to a review of the entire course in each department.
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rical in the last The cells are shortened very considerably, and
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trons do you suppose like experiments could be made with like
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long been familiar with the same story. Now a few words with regard to
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utes, so that the effects may pass off entirely — then resume its use
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various forms of scrofula. It may be used, also, externally in the
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of these nerves being iiivolved in a disease, the pain may be
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a 2. Descriptive and Comparative Anatomy, Teratology, Normal
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disfiguring, but is also a serious menace to its fellow.
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taste — many may not think so however — but if you were editing a

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