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fTumber of patients remakiisg Dec. Ist, 70. Admitted since :

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resorts on the east coast of England and the eastern portion of the south

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little alcohol is often useful. The general rules which are guides to

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he could not walk even a few hundred yards without stopping several

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adducting his arm, and placing the hand outside his arm so that the fingers

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regular and increased secretions from that viscus when preternaturally

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croachment of the enlarging cyst) with the left lateral ventricle, which,

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the lower cavity of the pelvis below the brim, compressing the rectum.

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her vomiting was constant, night and day, until the nervous and muscu-

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tacked with erysipelas. The occurrence of this disease cannot, I think,

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H., that at four o'clock that morning he arose to the urinal, at which in*

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early development of their mental powers, &c. We may venture to

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the injection is made the greater the patient's chance of recovery. There

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The old woman in attendance could give me no description of the pro-

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ment of the thymus caused a form of asphyxia to which the name of

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matches from sesquisulphide of phosphorus. These have most of the

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tumour arising in epithelium. "When the source of the cancer is the

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