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would be analogous to that of the other technical at-

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advising climato-therapy for chronic or wasting diseases.

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ilium. A second, transverse, cut was made from near the top

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object. The rays of light cannot penetrate, and we infer,

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the disease, and occasionally dysenteric symptoms occur before the fever commences^

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ties infected with contagious diseases, frequently in

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The book is epoch-making; in a year and a half it has reached the

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osseous tissue. Before practising cutaneous transplantation I apply to the

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Galicia in 1872, the entire number rejected for the whole Austrian empire

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results, that the problems of nutrition attracted great attention

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the following: (1) Outlining and free liberation of an

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Dr. A. G. Thomson of Philadelphia, Pa., read a paper at the

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The patient also requires the utmost care as regards nursing,

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for the information of the Lord President, copies of resolutions agreed to by

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the milk to be examined is placed in anew porcelain

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commend it both in gunshot wounds, and in all wounds where deep suppu-

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witness. The Assistant Judge then said :— ' I have had a consultation with

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There is usually a good deal of pain radiating towards the ear ; the mouth

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show that they were like other men in their capacity for administration.

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Wanted within a few weeks a graduate nurse to superintend

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(i) by lowering the vascular pressure, even if only for a short time.

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f the abdomen, no flatus. His general condition was grave —

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inner surface of the dura, into which capillaries extend that subsequently nip-

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Authorities should be placed. The question is one to be determined, in our

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importance of not taking my eyes from the patient's

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words, they may be looked upon as eyidence of incipient decay of

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sewerage and drainage, devised before the discrimination of the

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and Riess, to be like that of a ferment: in what manner its results are

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Dr. Aug. Focke* informed Dr. E., that "the miasm of the country

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a multiplication, or possibly sexual type, of the smaller and more

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doubtedly we have had here to deal with a pyosalpinx which lias ruptured

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Lastly, is Mercury a specific ? Hunter not only considered

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The Liaison Committee has met on two occasions without

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that it seems advisable not to evacuate the ascitic fluid

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culosis when other methods of diagnosis will not detect one-tenth.

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young man who had been confined for some time in the

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bottom, their locations corresponding to the washers on the

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port towns by the arrival thither of infected persons from infected looaU-

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when the economy is kept under its action, a strong disposition

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Probably in this case the left leg gave way because it was

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