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Case of Hydrocele, successfully treated without an operation. By Dr Jona-

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The wide fluctuations in the quantities of urobilin in this case

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III. Consequential ails, which may be enumerated as in the

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Salzmann, M. Uber wiederholte Masern. Ztschr. J. Kinderheilk., 1920, 24,

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eight out of 88 cases seen between January and December 1920. Veras

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cerning the functions of which we are still entirely igno-

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pleural tension; it glues the surfaces of the pleura together so that

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of intraspinous injection of patient's own serum, there was an immediate

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cate the drying quality, are liable to be affected with these

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The myosis of many Argyll Robertson pupils, Wilson believes to

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with the typical symptoms of epidemic encephalitis, such as lethargy and

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ized by minute variation of the same fatty constituents. Dissimilar

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spleen under the influence of treatment. The writers think that the best

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ounces of cream he makes but little complaint of disagreeable effects.

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Malaria and syphilis. Noel records a case of reactivation of syphilis

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irradiation of the liver increases formation and excretion of fatty acids and

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vestigation of the radioactive substances occurring in mineral springs.]

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ing accurate observations, and of generalizing them by the

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corpuscles will be found to be free from glucose. The rabbit's blood was

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the very smallest doses must be employed, so as to get the biological effect

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produced in a chloroform extract of urine containing urobilin by

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Whenever any of these clinical features are found in a case of

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the lungs showed extensive involvement of the right (cavity

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The recent studies of Blake and Trask on the susceptibility of monkeys

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estimated that 1,500 tons of dried tomato seeds could be obtained annually

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As the result of sitting in hot baths of the temperature of 50° C.-60 C,

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he showed partial aphasia and partial paralysis of the muscles of the right

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Dig. and Sp. iEth. Nitr. were used, but having little effect and

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severals die of it in various Periods : it seemed to be at the

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instrument. When, however, its use is necessary, a small Farabceuf grasping

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The cases mentioned as dying of anemia had "progressive" anemia,

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marked fall in the temperature curve and rise in the rate of the

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respect, even while asserting that their campaign of recovery had

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Gutmann reports on Linser's method of intravenous injection of a

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on July 16, 1920, Netter (2) stated that among the 174 cases of lethargic

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vered. We are told by Pliny, that Phalereus was once dis-

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was a pleural exudate together with increased vocal fremitus, but here

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