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dearly-loved wito of Brigade-Suryeon-Lieutsnaut-CulOin;! George An-

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motor centre ; when, however, we attempt to explain the

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ought to go. It will probably relieve our crowded casualty

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lamictal xr printable coupon

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really the consequence of the excessive epithelial growth. In

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aiONCKTON, William. L R.C.P.Edin., M.R.C.S.Eng., appointed Medical

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to erase the name of such practitioner from the Her/ister. "Covering"

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child came, been able to ascertain that her sister recently lias

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without rupturing the membranes, or causing pain or lucmorrhage. The

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was immediately taken ofl' ttiese ceased very quickly. By

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prominent symptom, and these cases were much better left

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within its boundaries, and to cause any cow found to be sufi'er-

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an estimable feature, but upon some unsettled points in

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This recommendation, highly significant as it is, cannot be

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study of comparative pathology. The volume also contains an

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ever difficult to believe that no blood whatever reaches the

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the board room of the hospital. His retirement from active

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always accompanied by inequality of volume," is too

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Pathologist and Curator of the Museum at the Norfolk and Norwich

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St. John's College, Cambridge; »\V. J. E Davies, private study ; *\.

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of dirty rags. It is made a grievance that " shoddy," however dirty, may

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is to be worn in medical wards, surgical, and lying-in wards,

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was allowed to go down and then the fragments were brought together as

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codeine, from which he received no benefit, and then morphine, under

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under treatment on board the hospital ships in Long Reach having risen

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1.30; Ophthalmic Department, \V., 2; Ear, Th., 2; Skin, F.,

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Case i.— In this case there was a skin wound across the joint ^vith

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■■' See also Lancet, June 21st, 1S90, where several of the tracings referred

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of mere recklessness. In the same way, a medical man who,

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both vagi were cut before the chloroform was injected into the

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Another Medical Officer writes ; I have held the same post at our

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Mr. J. Caskie, Merthyr Tydvil ; Dr. T. D. Crothero, Hartford, Conn.;

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The accompanying diagram &hows the prevalence of 'the principal

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along with it. Another was that in physiological conditions

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physician to the hospital, he resigned the office in conformity

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compensation for their loss of time, might perliaps be passed

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suitably-trained nurses. It says much for the energy and

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which are developed from a polarised bar or from a magnetic

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the hospital militates against its locality as a health resort, and that

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hitherto found most favour in the eyes of inhabitants of the

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he gave me on the last day of my visit to his clinic, sitting

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C3,rtilage to, the pslvi;;. Th?; was uppermost,, the organ

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