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overcrowding. Whenever large numbers of persons live without sufficient

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glands remain freely movable both upon themselves and beneath the skin, and

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was slow, and, at intervals, intermittent ; the skin, more particularly

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and tedious one, taxing the patience and skill of the surgeon to the utmost.

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ted himself with honor. Whenever the discourse is published in the

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Royal Physicians.-^The Queen of England ascended the throne in

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Case 1. Pneumonia. — ^Gray hepatization of upper and middle lobes

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Prolapjiis Uleri^ or FaUing of the ^<iin6, and other dittvaaes depending upon a relaiation of the ab-

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tubercles have I found ulcerations of the epiglottis, larnyx, or trachea,

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Vicintini and Leon Williams have both within recent years demonstrated

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Louii)villp, Ky.,a nrw quarterly Journal hiis altio been ushered into

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di.Trtreut Medical dcbnols of the United States, and every other Physician or Surgeop who has had a

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moral tendency of teaching the reader that miraculous powers reside io

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cetin, salicin and its compounds, aspirin, etc. Most of these drugs have a

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from cardiac failure. Enormous doses of more than an ounce — three ounces

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(opisthotonos). During the stage of tonic spasm respiration is arrested, or

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simple jerk, the persistence of the stimulus inducing another contraction

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cheerfully. — From St. Louis, it is reported that the steamers Gen. Col-

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intercurrent attacks of fever, the temperature is markedly subnormal, as in

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IV.) : " Item, the xxii day of Februar giffen to the seke folk in the grangore

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rbei, i3vi. ; aq. bullient. Oj. M. ft. inrus. Sig. A half a iviDerglaBil

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females, and this fact has been taken by some observers (Weigert, Coats)

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ment redounds greatly to the honor, humanity, and enlarged views of the

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Dmochowski and Sendziak. Journal Laryngol. 1895, p. 287. — 3. Paterson. "The

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It would seem, therefore, that infection through wounds is not so un-

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existence of any swelling had never been noticed by the patient, and

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be an anatomist ; he must have skill, resolution, perseverance, and pres-

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third on the 24th day. Magendie ascribed death in these cireufiistancea

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a handkerchief, was constantly drivelling over the chin. Under these cir-

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year in advance. 1^3.50 after three months, and $4,00 if not paid within the year.— Ageats allowed

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causes and their results in any of these cases. From what, then, does

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life, as there never will be a deposition of bony matter again in that place,

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