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as you desire. The work can be done easily and quickly under cocaine

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cians in organized medicine at the local, state and national

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contains little serum, but is full of blood. The same process may in

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doing all ho did, that is, work steadily, as well as eat mainly a particular dish.

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or four at least : if stopped sooner the affection is liable to return : —

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Dr. William R. Sifford, vice-president, and Dr. Robert L.

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Kretzschmar's experience, would probably not entangle so much chloride of sodium as

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region by the onset of pain and the presence of tume-

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the pelvis, back, and lower abdomen, and frequently some irritability of

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The urine is diminbhed in quantity and is generally highly albuminous. A

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in other respects seem to have reached the final stage,, are

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this refpecl it is upon a footing with the fmall-pox,

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Dr. Shanholtz is chairman of the Legislative Relations

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prescriptions in which Fowler's solution would be incompatible.

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of fifteen guineas, is awarded every third year to the writer

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*' 37. The success attributed to tertiary amputations is explained in part by

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James the First. Early improvement chiefly confined to the ra-

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dophyllin, leptandrin, alkaline wash, &c, I sent him to work in a

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bone, but, being drunk, and having met with an injury to the

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result of imitation, and in imbecility, from motives of an absurd and un

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produced by the passage of a weak galvanic current. These

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Charity, etc. He was also Surgeon to the Invalid Artillery

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When Writing to Advertisers Please Mention this Journal.

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that the success obtained would lead to further trials of

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Temperature Curve. — The fever course of plague is very irregular. The tempera-

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Herds of cattle abounded on the south coasts of the Black Sea,

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