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when they do vary it is to keep pace with the progress of disease
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in the pelvis are occasional small, subserous, grayish-white
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on reciprocity. At subsequent sessions a large amount
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of it, the amount of urine as convalescence is established may be excessive
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Paris save for the dorsal surface. After 20 minutes' exposure
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periostoal investment of the anterior surface. Knowing that
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we have preferred to restore it to its position in alliance with
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subsequent cases will present a similar tyjK; ; but there are notable excep-
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guine temperament and weighed 162 pounds; the latter was of a
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man fifty years of age. About six months ago the patient first began
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Case 4, page 1 79, was most interesting, but there was no dia<;nosis.
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the humerus is drawn into place and held firmly, we
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tion appears to us one that might well be passed by every medical
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crude drug, are those especially adapted for this method.
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Symptoms. — Usually, the symptoms are not marked. The
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completely generalized cases, we feel that our work shows beyond
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have highlighted this. At present, therefore, the screen-
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by dissolving fifteen grains of each in an ounce of liquid
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rally, and connected so indissolubly, that they cannot be separately appreciated 146
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never try a dangerous experiment or a poisonous drug on
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yond the limits of those fields of morphological and bio-
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30. Two specimens of large Renal Calculi. Exhibited by Professor
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the ear for fifteen years, which had been much less just previously
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and placed on the pension roll. The Board of Surgeons
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oviparous ; an opinion which is consonant to (he observations
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governments. A commendable paternalism, fostered by the everwill-
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hours. But the third patient, aged eighteen, made a sat-
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exciting nausea or vomiting, it often modifies and arrests these distressing symptoms.
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and deepening voice. Adverse reactions are infrequent and usually reversible
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moie prope ri y, if no such condition arose when the circulation is im-
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gave me aloes, told me half a teaspoonful was the dose,
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viduals. As such, the Company gives expert attention to the management and
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he died on the following morning. Post-mortem examination for-
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photographs of a very large psoas abscess which he had opened
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measures, they do not differ from those indicated in cases more or less
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in typhoid fever with perforation, and in the septic kinds of scarlet
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long, and renal disease, and cirrhosis of the liver.
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Dr. William Moore said he was a firm believer in the distinction
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of diphtheria. The antitoxic value of serum is tested by injecting it
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tonized milk, raw egg or beef juice, will give the best
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and accompanied by a plate ; in this plate the seminal animalcules are represented
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constitutional excitement. If it is in the hip joint, it announces itself
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These all contain the noxious germs of the disease, which may
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If; on the other hand, the species of snake which inflicted the
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passes off whilst the loss of water is still going on ;

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