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had sometimes wondered how it was that the two pro-

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advised for more than a week or two ; and it is far

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larynx, appears to be endowed with a special sensibO-

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that M. Ollivier, " while visiting a cellar where old

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measures have ah'eady been carried out ; and at this

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Dr. Logan) ; and one of hydatid tumour of the fiver

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onize on the endocardium and produce endocarditis. Next followed

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may be calculated to benefit the Association, and to

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altered nerve-nutrition, as it affects the cerebral

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tween six and seven ounces. Two are recorded of the

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taneously or alone. The disturbance of the motor and

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even to germinate in it. So subtle — as I have else-

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Sir, — Two letters have appeai-ed in your Journal

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been develoj^ed in an abnormal division of the uterus.

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cells which are rapidly disappearing by processes of

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condition — transverse hermaphroditism — met Avith in

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we do not hesitate to say that the evidence brought

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the sixth week, showing a heart with two or three cavities, with sin-

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ease, the greater ease in making a diagnosis, the use of aseptic

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You will easily anticipate me, when I say that the'

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whatever, so far as regards curtaOing the text." In

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The term was first used by Sobernheim (1837). At the begin-

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but not obscure style. He has, he says, endeavoured

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Andbews, R. J., Esq., elected Resident Medical Officer to the Nor-

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makes patients by letter 5,074 ; casualties an<l slight

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of applicants as a matter of considerable importance.

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carefully, and according to the directions which he

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syringe. The first application produced severe pain,

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strument and operation were perfectly safe and effici-

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the fact itself precarious. I am emboldened, never-

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with the more innutritions kinds of food, green meat

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into the mouth. Mr. Hulke's recent case of sixpence

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clined to think the accustoming the palate to these

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liest occurrence of the disease in many places which

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from cholera ever since Nov. 11. Scarlatina has mani-

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ference round the chest, 4 feet 6 inches. These were

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