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eral Hospital, Fort Monroe, Va. Phila. M. J., 1899, iv,

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The officers of the Academy are President, Dr. T. L. McDermott ;

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extremely thermostable, it ought to be separated from the thermolabile " true

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Pathological New Formations— Regeneration— Hypertrophy— Tumors— Carcinoma.

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seems to be essential, and then comes the question : — What opera-

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familiar to travellers on badly-laid railroads in a dry season, more part irularl v

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prudence. Many instances might be adduced of medical evidence being ren-

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your best text-books for refreshment upon this subject. But it has

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liar to VVilna. Plica polonica is not so conmion here as on the

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a trauma, and if the child is of sufficient age inquiry will elicit the fact.

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only have occurred to that degree in the latest stages, for the blood of the epistaxis was

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complaints which have frequently been feigned ; either for the

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telescope of the microcosm — the master-key to the por-

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properly compounded, he sent to Vienna for a fresh supply; and

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fonnded with the symptoms of amaurosis, and passed ander that name. Soon,

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