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institution and its mitigation in the others (from the

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and glans as I can without disfiguring him too much, shall apply locally

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ceutical laxative of agreeable quality and high standard, and it is, therefore, a

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fession of the country. Application has been made for a copy of these

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fare of the patient. No doubt as society changes there

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the proteolytic enzyme contained in the polynuclear leucocytes

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Study at a recognised Medical School -will commence on Tuesday,

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ever, already shown in several instances, that even

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inefficient, small rooms were also consistently bad. In the

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able. The great frequency of diseases of the mucous and

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As to results, there was a unanimous verdict to the effect that,

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priety in relation to the general mode of treating the diseases of infancy

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tion more embarrassed, and the ideas seemed to be formed slowly although correctly.

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marked contrast between the conditions of the two sides of

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Had there been a question in this case as to whether the child was born

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conditions we are not clearly conscious of our internal organs,

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the allantoic tube is well shown ; but the allantoic tube now

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occasionally used accessories for special procedures ($6000). These items

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I would not say that her paper is supplementary to mine, but it cer-

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In several instances he has seen it return each morning regularly and attain

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* "Philadelphia Medical Times," Sept. 25, 1875, vol. v, p. 817.

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sitting at police courts will, so far as may be possible, arrange

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watery, mingled with slime. She has taken some brandy, which caused slight

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due to the great amount of stretching of the right spinal

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