Does Citalopram Cause Weight Gain

reciting a poem of welcome before La Fayette, the dis-

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health ; (b) its impurities and their tests ; (c) danger to health

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short incision skirting the inner border of the triceps and

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Pharmaceutical Association ; of Sigma Xi ; of the patriotic societies

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building, until now he has a very perfect institution, and

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D. S. Davis is the Professor of the Principles and Practice

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contra-indicated. Chloroform is dangerous (Crimea). We

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ment rather than its quantity ; and as the vital principle of the

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the case in most instances of sudden loss of blood. Even in chronic anaemia

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sciousness of the event is denied ; and many circumstances, seen

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the bullet (opposite fissure)^ but also it has brought about,

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attitude as if the distinction between the schools rested exclu-

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fever ; diphtheria ; cholera ; plague ; leprosy ; epidemic cerebro-

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private licensed institution for the treatment of insane patients which

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■' Fibroid Tumors and Hysterectomy." St. Louis Coar.

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by the Hughes Medical Club of Massachusetts, where he will

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any work of the sort being done. And, as we began by saying,

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the place, later deciding to give his life to the practice of the healing

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degree of Bachelor of Philosophy when he graduated with the class

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the supper-hall; and, after doing ample justice to the appetizing

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surprise at seeing my patient of the day before promenading the

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tinction between the acute and the more chronic cases. The acute may end

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distance. Sometimes we see a progressive circumscribed

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The seclusion is intended to do away with the evil effects of

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she was in religious matters. " She died in 1J17. A year

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life will admit, that, in the latter, more carelessness in changing

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doubtedly a trance state was present. These cases might be

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aggregate, some fifteen or twenty in all. In Melbourne, where I

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menstrual discharge, then the neuralgic theory may help us to

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generally, however, by a quiet, effortless regurgitation of mouth-

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times slightly increased. Upon palpation, we often find that the heart's action

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of the same institution in 1878. In the fall of 1875 he entered upon

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the editors of the "Outlook" a three-column editorial; "Der Zellenbau der

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and exhaustive cerebro-spinal concussions of this mode of travel ;

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a liberal preparatory education in the public schools and the Platts-

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