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found rabbit blood agar unsatisfactory. Thalman was the first to secure

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untary passages of urine and f feces. The temperature often becomes sub

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physical training will find reliable information in this book.

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ently healthy swine and then ask himself if such food can reas

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Filaria sanguinis hominis. Since that time the subject has received

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to rupture of the colon the cause of which accident has not yet

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organisms we have no trouble. Now after a case of labor I invariably

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ratus is at that narrow point the patient should either

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existent No writer on ethics will deny the existence of these

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more successful than we should have thought possible. It puzzles us

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most distinguished of the Faculty Facidte de FEcoIe

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barb two tablespoonfuls of the latter with one of oil. Magnesia

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There are few forms of disease more distressing than this or more hopeless

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These and all these he knew and it all made the western hospital

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lineated a similar appearance in one of his engravings.

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Under each of these heads a great number of interesting

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cause assigned for the dropsy is that the kidneys fail to eliminate the

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the atiections under consideration and observation shows that it is fre

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strategist on the stafif of the Commanding General. Responsible for the

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thoracentesis. This operation is much more frequently indicated in chronic

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must be removed under a current of warm saline solution. Deep

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us the greatest satisfaction to assist in any way the interests

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