Compazine For Autoimmune Headaches

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the skin. Soon (and sometimes at first, even) a swelling is noticed about

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ing. In many cases the patient is not conscious of palpitation, or there

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strong predisposition to the disease, temperate and even rigid habits of

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(2) The symptoms of the interval are — Trousseau's sign — i. e. the

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migration of the parasites the principle symptoms of trichinosis are due.

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sustains a causal relation. Those whose constitutions have been enfee-

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the Board of Examiners of the Royal College of Surgeons, England.

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tolerance is reached. Surgical interference may become necessary.

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light, nutritious, and given at stated periods with a vieAv to maintaining

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by auscultation, and sibilant and sonoroils rales will be conspicuous at

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Wilcox, DeWitt G., M.D. Pus in the Kidneys .. . . ..

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contraction ; (/) Rarely as a sequel of typhoid and peptic ulceration.

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(c) Purely accidental mercurialization also occurs, {d) Women and children

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Ktiology. — The following are the principal contributing causes :

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tion, but its use should be limited to the more profound types. Full doses

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local pain. The pain is usually of a dull, aching character, and less fre-

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monia, variola, phthisis). Antagonistic inoculation, however, as prac-

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ever, now lauded as a new discovery by our friends of the dominant

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a hypersensitive organism, such as the presence of ascarides, an elongated

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may come on suddenly and be persistent. Uncontrollable hiccough and

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Local pelvic peritonitis (perimetritis) is the most frequent variety,

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the shoulder-joint or the knee, and, as in the preceding form, men

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disease is somewhat more frequent in males than in females, usually de-

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and the bowels moved with unfailing regularity, by the use of unirri-

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limited, and in order to get any accommodations reservations must

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coma, and delirium render the prognosis as to further systemic toler-

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mal dyspnea, due to contraction of the muscles of the smaller bronchi.

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The prognosis varies with the previous constitutional state of the

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or even of uric-acid '"sand."' as well as from the large dendritic concre-

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of oiled silk or waxed paper so as to prevent its growing cool. This

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