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the toes patient was transferred to the surgical side and both

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lately informed me of a case of aggravated hysterical paralysis, which was

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healed over^ and the lad was dischai^ed apparently in perfect

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Starch Makers are exposed to a fetid acetous odor, which arises from the fer-

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^ Or strarna, as Dr. Little has Bnggested. ' Med. Times and Gaz.,' Oct. 12,

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the form of food. (See table of foods containing phosphorus.]

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however, perishing from the cholera. The 7 cases of disarticulation

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Hair distribution: The scalp is covered with coarse, oily,

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metallic vessel is placed filled with water ; and by lighting the gas

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titute Beducea a young man to her embrace, and infects him with the poison of her

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of their observations. With one memorable exception — that

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to exercise ground, the eminences, not too steep, the Isle Sainte-

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was recorded by Dr. Jackson in the < Medical Times ' two or three weeks ago.

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The causes of bronchocele and of its close ally, Cretinism —

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dispersed through the air, which acts as a miasma : but what

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The theory of homeopathy as practiced, whether it be acknowledged or not, is this

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lium, whilst the epithelium on the free surface consists of roundish

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tumor, this is not always the case. In many instances there

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sign) are particularly suitable. Experiments may also be made

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Tetanus, — Busch. Observations on Tetanus. (Berlin. Ellin.

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AmAie-lee-Baine, Hyires, Cannes, Nioe> Menton.) Pur JULU Sdxovd

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to the Infirmary on the 25th, where she was under the care of

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milk, cereal, and breast milk, were offered. The vomiting,

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a wife who, having had children, has ceased for three years to

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and lower Hps, and left side of the chin was definitely paretic in

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fruitful of good, both must equally rest on accurate data collected

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This invaluable preparation should be in the possession of all females troubled

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discouraged in my efforts to treat successfully cases of consumption produced by

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Dr. Tuclcwell will, I hope, excuse my quoting from a letter which he wrote to me

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three and a half months. She had been very well at first and

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In cases of jaundice, or of the various complaints of the liver, use the Anti-

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