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Treatment. — Correct the hygiene. Treat any gastric dis-

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examination of " swabs " or sputa are received at the

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is shown on the sixth and seventh day ; this is about two days earlier than

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ascertained. Within forty-eight hours she became comatose and

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but not in all. There are certain piroplasmoses where

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b^BalfiAi eye -h yp&^v to write.] A description

careprost reviews side effects

accomplished by the treatment on the improvement in the

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is applicable to this disease, deducting the licensed hy-

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former, in his examination of fouf" of these liquids, stales theoi

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not later than 6 P.M. in the case of children, and 8 P.M. in that of adults.

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usually within the normal limits. In arthritis, too.

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had so frequently been examined by others. The great difference between the

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ten minutes ; placed in the berth ; given a teaspoonful

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From the American Journal of the Medical Sciences, December, 1902.

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ton in the case of a young boy who had had hip disease and

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any pecuHar character of its own. Catarrhal and rheumatic complaints,

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propriety of its prescription is under consideration,

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consider its diagnosis in patients who develop diarrhea in

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well, perhaps never really ill, until reaching adult

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of an obturator and artificial cheek and eye. Tr. Odont.

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liis birching and imprisonment ! People will admit that the

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upon one year later. Since then his appetite had been

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which, with a want of specific gravity of the blood, a

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there is vomiting (in the case of some animals), purging and

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and the external malleolus, are those most frequently painful and tender.

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first of these is the intermittent fever, which is especially comm<m in

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bladder and produce great injury. The crushing of calculi

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pia. The tables cover eleven pages, and are of great

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Cow 479, general condition fair, but had greatly enlarged throat glands, had

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hand and econoriay is not considered where health isin quest on

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take place. Whenever, therefore, inflammation ensues in a wound

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This is one of the most frequently occurring inflammations of Joints ;

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recommended that all communications with county medi-

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of treating wounds. In the watery solution the antiseptic is so un-

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previously, and found the blood-pressure in all cases somewhat high, and over

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and a December fall in the male and December rise in the female curve.

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quickly eliminated, leaving 5 for more careful consideration, the composi-

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