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the extremity of the fourth finger. The patient was always attacked,
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used locally the biniodide of mercury in such strength as to excite
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sleep. Since insomnia is often transient and intermittent, prolonged administration is generally
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it, either as a moderately firm nodule or as a sort of pouch into which
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duty must be paid on them, when they are brought into this
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they do, from the distensible nature of their thin coats, and from
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Strychnine was also giveujiypodermically, and later a narcotine was substituted
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peritonitis. In these cases the inflammation is usually circumscribed
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tically all cases of spastic paraplegia in children not due
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Glyco-thymoline in twenty-five per cent solution and warm.
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puration frequently took place in the neighborhood of
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especially in the early stages, wlien the diagnosis is
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has characteristic eruption. * Temperature of axilla 105, pulse fast and small, 140 per minatf.

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