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cutaneous Tissues, Muscles and One of the Lateral. Lobes of the Thy-

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dne to inci-casi'd adrenal <liscliarue into the Mood.

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culosis (with case reports and illustrative films),

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never very Rreat. a certain leakafic of amino acids nuist occur into the

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s|ilanclinir n"r\r, |irn\i i-d tlir \rna cava and adri'iial M'iii aii' unolivt rilc-tid


|.;., i,|, n||\. 111,.,,. // . ,„l,.t,,,, l„,.., ~s. . U., i,ni,,,-..l „n„l,',lnl,l fl,, r,,„l

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Sponta.neous renal lesions are not uncommon in the dog. As a rule

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tion of a roiifiiit. or crencral notion hecimies evolved. Thus, the evolu-

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obvious modifications dependent on differences of nutrition and situation. F.

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In addition to the regular ante-mortem and post-mortem inspections of hogs, a micro-

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the seat of a small aneurysm, very similar to the one in Barth^s case

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doubtless been favored by the imperfect development of the abdominal

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before referred to. In view of the fact that the meat-inspection acts mentioned In the

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as pure as it is possible to obtain this substance. It is not stated

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The possibility of having speakers on eye subjects,

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111.. I{ tissiin- l.ut inini.-liat.^ly iH'hin.l it In H" osr, ,„ln,u i,„r,,l<,l

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age age of sarcomas in Paget’s disease is 66 years.

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During the first few weeks in the hospital there was no particular change

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of those, fourteen were in the stomach, eight in the

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Miller 5 G. D. Walker Eldon Carl T. Buehler. Jr Eldon

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and additional activities. However, the functions of

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ficial femoral vein ligation seems indicated follow-

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ors on ante-mortem inspection are subjected to a strict post-mortem inspection by

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cal procedures. Barker and coworkers^® report only

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coyer cattle. These planks shall be laid as closely as possible and shall be well nailed to

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