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One cubic centimeter was placed in the right lateral ventricle and 6 c. a

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was inflltrated with round cells and a few of the neighboring yeins showed


Jackson 7 A. N. Lemoine Kansas City John A. Growdon Kansas City

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Normal-looking bile capillaries and ducU occur in the cirrhotic areas and

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work which has led to the production of this injury. In each instance

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Fig. 8. Tubercle bacilli from culture Bovine S, after passage through cats.

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things, had insomnia, epigastric pain and a tendency

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per cent eosinophils. (In the previous hospital his

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or so below. In a few moments a shackle is attached to a hind leg and

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Lemoine, Kansas City (1950); C. P. Dyer. St. Louis (1950);

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not been inspected and passed at the time of slaughter under these regulations, or which,

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To the inspector in Germany, Italy, Belgium, and France it is not merely a question

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arterial system which involved the entire aorta as far as the origin of the

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tioned according to the size of his farm. A guarantor derives no

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board consists of three members, of whom the president and vice-president are

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serum both egg albumin and its precipitin became decreased. At the end

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heart failure, it is important that any possible water

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passes ofT (■^) Tt app-ars earlier for ueak than for strong stnnnl.. (4^

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culture was typically bovine in its early morphology (PL XVII, fig.

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was voted, on motion of Dr. Petersen, to refer the matter

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o)icniiii: and i-hisintr of the small moutlis, or osciila, on the surface of

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Mhen inject.Ml subcutaneously can be recovere.] unehan-ed in the wuv

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to do with the rest, while others moved in small groups or cliques.

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details of work for eradication of cattle tick, 1906 106

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on the basis of insusceptibilitj^ during the period when the young

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maintained only because the Department felt that in no other way

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different conditions. The butter — about 5,000 pounds — was made

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attachment high up on the left ventricular wall. The aortic vestibule

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icrrlifllum tii'liiatiiiK icttaiii rcrtlullar I->i-a!i/aIH'iis airMr.lcii,' l-i U.ii I'ly. (After llaranv, tr<ini

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When an emulsion made paill> of neiitr.-il fats ami pai!l\ "f some li\-

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The first room visited by the committee was the painting and labeling room. This

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storage, and that taints and acidity were checked more by storage

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