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the affection of the pleura is not such as to occasion acute

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large ragged ulcers from which thrombi depended. One

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worn upon the person. The degree of injury to muscular

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applications. Singularly enough, the patient was disturbed

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Sanarelli's results, Dr. (then Surgeon-General) Sternberg directed the

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reaction follows, which lasts from two to five days, and the

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..idil\ open and the earruiis.' a\a\ of lar>,'e |Meii- of ti-ue ; tliii-. the .lero-

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Ler to be sick. One morning at about ten o'clock she

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have rarely advised, unless when the complaint was complicated with convul-

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Fluxes. In a general sense these are substances which promote

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the trade name of "Cordol," containing .53.21 percent, of bromine.

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Stokes, in the fifth volume of the Dublin Hospital Reports,

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In this paper I wish briefly to review a case of compound fracture of

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had lived a whole night after the rupture, could hardly doubt

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served that what I aim at is cleanliness and cold, for the pur-

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life. A notable number of cases occur in young children, in whom it is

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above 15,000 feet. Third, the observation planes keep mostly in the

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particularly in women. The percentage varies from six to

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Dr. Taylor have tried the method in upward of thirty

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greatest bulk beneath the costal arch might suggest that a cyst was

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Nov. 13— Dec. 10: First Pan-Pacific Mobile Educational

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of the visiting list as a book for the doctor's exclusive use.

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Creolin. — The " neutselie Modi/.inal-Zoitung" for December 13,

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disease left behind. He considers that the removal of affected

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by ophthalmia of the same side, should lead to examinations of the lungs,

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such exostoses. In the very similarly deformed so-called

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Looked at from a chemical point of view, fur her oxidation

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and race distribution and high birth rate, one of the healthiest States

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