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or simple. Crossed diplopia occurs in cases of divergent squint ; the image

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greater part of it passing over to the opposite side to be continued down

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top of the shoulder, resonance being found only at the upper part of the

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Eecent as well as early observations in France, England, and America

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essential. Eegular exercise, carried to the point of physical tire but not

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The very active administration of mercury, as recommended by some

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The ball, after leaving the body of the bone, near the apex of the

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may exist and elastic fibres not be found. They are most conveniently

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Patty infiltration of the heart is indicated by an increased accumula-

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into the pleural cavity is the retraction of the lung, in virtue of the

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over a period of months. In the severer cases pwrp^ra fulminans death

apcalis-sx cena

too severely, of producing violent local inflammations, which may, as

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not essential to all forms of nephritis, and the atrophied kidney of chronic

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â–¼ith these views, I have fancied the quantity too large. A small

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