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work with, the doctor of today cannot fail to meet both the scientific and economic

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removed some of the tumor but could not remove all of it,

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assertions in private and public, they have inflicted a hard-

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9. Anthropologie der Naturvolker. Yon Dr. Theodor Waitz, Professor

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outbreak of war is a wonderfully efficient and satisfactory implement,

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attention to the fact that chronic joint disease might

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will sit idly by and permit such a law to be enacted, or

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causes of reactions. Phototoxic drugs used for therapeutic

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gives place to coma, and death ensues within a few hours.

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cord breaking up into its constituents 3^ in. from the placental margin.

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scheme as the Council may sanction may be submitted to them

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sound cannot be taken as a criterion for judging whether the aortic sound

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pepsia is A =, the significance of which is that H and

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ples of writing without supervision :ui<! temporary standards

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syphilis. Careful search should therefore be made for other symptoms of

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EXTRACT.— (Y^AerapeuHc Gazette.) Both myxedema and tetany are sometimes

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arrange such papers in the order in which they shall be read,

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Intertrigo (inter, between, and tero, I chafe) is very rarely a simple ery-

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Dr. Bosworth also objects to the term "reflex" in this

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One side only may4)e affected, or both, leaving only the shaft of a few

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Btructure,(h) and should serve as a wholesome caution in

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(seven for males and tVkO for females). For Kaposi’s

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bodies of the animals which perished. Thus, the lungs were so much affected,

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threatened point and to exercise their phagocytic prop-

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M. Mialhe, so wedded to his view that alkalies are the great solvents in the

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its spire, and the school to gather the little ones under its brooding wing, to all future

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must condescend to humbler things, and to seek for causes, if

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wounded December 12, 1862, by a ball which destroyed the right eye and entered

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of the kidney after death, the author proceeds to classify renal

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recent letter to the Surg-eon-Gcneral, meet with approval elsewhere.

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cloves, I nutmeg, % an oz, of allspice, 3 handfuls of common salt,

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Stations and Duties of Medical Officers of the United States Ma-

hydroxycut pro clinical caffeine free review

frequently mistaken, one for the other. An important

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ment is equally important in its influence, for a proper environ-

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Abo 23^. — The average height of the barometer at Berlin is 27 inches;

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