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not. He had made careful experiments on himself to determine
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The prognosis in ordinary cases is good, many of the
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of surface, rather than by the lymphatics and veins, as in metritis
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CoLEY presents the following conclusions as to the ther-
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ated training program participants. Candidate eligible for faculty
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be recognized by medical practitioners is too frequently over-
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Pediatrics Society and the Camera Club which organizations meet regularly
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had been persistently bent from the beginning, and attempts
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languid for a few days ; hands and mouth hot ; pulse quick ;
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resembling a process of precocious arterio-sclerosis, be really caused by
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arid gives the descriptive name, goitre exophthalmique,
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culjir stirring in one direction, from left to right.
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Margaret Day McIntyre, S.B., Technical Assistant in Physiology.
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undersigned, to whom remittances may be sent by postal money oider, bank check, or registered
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of distinction between central and peripheral palsy. In spinal palsy
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1. Encephalitis in Infancy, in Connection with a Contribu-
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blood. One remarkably successful apparent cure is reported,
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might succeed; and it is with pleasure I can assert,
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33. Scorpeena diabolus Cuvier and Valentine. (From Savtschenko s
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reliable thermometer, yet they should not be discarded, but em-
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and when dry is perfectly inodorous. It is not subject to be blackened
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perty was atmospheric. Considerable pains having been taken by
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leep and goats that food almost free from fat maintained the ani-
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the patient on June 26. On examination I found that his
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the injury seemed so slight. On the 18th, rode in ambulance to
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The invitation of the officers and executive commit-
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one of sarcomatosis of the peritoneum, removed from
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days was such that he read it in his newspaper in the train
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stimulant of the first rank. From their standpoint it is questionable
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M. Mialhe, so wedded to his view that alkalies are the great solvents in the
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the lobby and prevented egress to the roof. In this
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Watson Cheyne recommend permanent drainage from the ventricles into
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Senna is particularly useful in dropsical diseases, and
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eye burning sensation causes
In 1553, after a very severe winter, a disease resembling Epidemic Meningitis carried
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we not discover in those social relations the slightest motive for
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sitate oculi, et visus et alljugini ejus et vestigiis ul-

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