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rounding rocks, the want of vegetation, and the violence and quantity

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in accomplishing the first stage, the vigour of the uterus may be

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are sufficiently freed froiu the skin, bone, and each

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Nevertheless, the rarity of a second gangrenous and

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as is possible to the Department of Health of the Citv of

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restitutio in integrum and his return at the earliest

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practitioner in abstaining from the free exercise of his art in the

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thick fibrous walls. If one closely follows the direc-

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operation in pyloric stenosis in infants is because

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realized that venereal disease would have to be con-

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the bursting of a vomica the patient died suddenly, before the

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point of the left shoulder along the collar bone to the sternum, a

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The others — perhaps thev have learned a little of

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small doses of calomel and opium were tried instead of the mag-

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ing, bronchitis, cardiac trotibles or a poor general

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without a death, although practically the same lines

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f The person alluded to (in the table attached to the Introductory Section),

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of its physical signs, negative tuberculin tests, etc.

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tages are the rapidity of recovery, relative absence

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bined with the sonorous, in others passing almost into the crepitating

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the plague bacillus to infect a rat or guineapig when

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yond what we may consider as our own day, for information.

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Farrand. Director General .American National Red Cross;

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tient, followed two days later by the appearance of

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gularly, and exhibited no trace of the scrofulous diathesis. About

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of i)roblems other than surgical. The cases of dis-

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which affiliate it with febrile diseases. The more prominent of

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requested to perform the inspection, and possess the prepara-

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out demonstrable bacteria, is a most reliable sign of

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cation. If the head should get wet accidentally, he

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such cases." I le adds, " every practitioner in extensive prac-

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strengthen it ; for we know that the surface of the

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of typhus ; had been delirious for near a week, and complained

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sociation, It Vv-as decided to hold the next meeting

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matter in future notices, which we propose furnishing at the close

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