Albuterol Nebulizer For Croup

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In both, pain and tenderness, tumefaction and hardness are present ;
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respiratory movements. Lower curve, blood-pressure. Base line is that of
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often greatly increased in quantit}', and contains muco-pus or pus in
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in the English language. It may be safely and heartily
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organs are sunk below the body surface as a conical pit open-
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these imperceptible punctures is surprising. This method is to be pre-
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F. L. S., Lecturer on Comparative Anatomy at Guy's Hos-
albuterol nebulizer for croup
tion or exanthem, and hence they are called eruptive or exanthema-
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six of these ganglia, along the lingual nerve they are far more
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portant affections situated elsewhere. With the imperfect knowledge
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fibers. In kittens of two weeks, myelinated fibers are found in
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frequently be produced by pricking *.he integument, tickling the sole of
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after two years of age they are but very slowly increased in ab-
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extent, during the present century. It was described by Bard, in 1789,
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the pulse on the first day was 130, and the temi)erature was 103°. Dur-
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Considerable diversity of opinion seeming to exist in reference
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thinji too well known to need elucidation, while they
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rachialgia, convulsions, and furious delirium, which occur not infrequently
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which caused general convulsions on weak stimulation.
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The mean frequency in the cases not proving fatal, of those which I have
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ticable, the cause or causes, and emplo3'ing tonic remedies in conjunction
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oped involves the same general principles as cases without the laryngeal
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Richmond Hospital School of Surgery and Medicine . 341
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observation until the fever is developed, and they often cannot recall the
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suffering from pain, restlessness, and vigilance. They are especiall}" indi-
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hours after the attack, presented such an alarming degree of i)rost ration
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on the other side, and the continued increase of the degree of the paraly-
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to disregard the findings in the lower vertebrates.
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from the chronic have already been referred to. It seems to me suffi-
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en la presi6n sanguinea. La frecuencia de la estimulaci6n ejerce
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patients permit their having recourse to the measures which have been
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countries. Experience has shown, that, while sugar is tolerated in some
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and the narcosis is not deep enough. If this compUcation be
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ciall}', may be owing to the fact that the brain in early life has less func-
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The affection is not necessarily associated with disease of any of the in-
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the lesions, and other circumstances. The persistence of the hemiplegia
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It may be doubtful if true hypertrophy of the brain occurs ; that is, an
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that a hormone or enzyme-like compound might have such un-

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